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Buy White Widow Co2 Oil Cartridge

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$ 50.00


Buy White Widow Co2 Oil Cartridge

Buy White Widow Co2 Oil Cartridge online. The New from C21. A local San Diego concentrate manufacturer. These glass ceramic coil cartridges is with pure oil ranging from 70-80% THC.

Buy White Widow Co2 Oil CartridgeDescription

White widow Co2 Oil Cartridge is among the most famous medicinal strains worldwide is White Widow Co2 Oil Cartridge, a balanced hybrid first bred in the Netherlands.

Best for: Pain – Stress – Depression
Top effects: Happy – Euphoric – Relaxed

Ingredients: Co2 extracted cannabis oil. No additives, no glycols, no glycerins.

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2 reviews for Buy White Widow Co2 Oil Cartridge

  1. mgilligan2

    Great product. Small, discrete, easily chargeable and with the phone app, you can customize the amount per hit, colors, etc.

  2. sleightofey

    These things are fantastic! Love that you can turn it up or down just by touching the end. Charges fast too! Definitely recommend!!

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