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Buy Versace Marijuana Online

$ 250.00


Buy Versace Marijuana Online

Buy Versace Marijuana Online USA. Versace Cannabis is a sativa dominant hybrid strain. Like the actual luxury fashion brand, Versace was bred to be a premium bud with a smooth high and flavor.

Buy Versace Marijuana OnlineVersace Cannabis Strain Effects

Versace marijuana has a classic flavor that blends together all of its parent strains. Thus a sweet lemon and earth accented by berries and kush. The smell takes a strong diesel turn, infusing rich florals with spicy kush and sharp citrus for a heavy, room-filling stench overall.

Versace buds are small and super dense with sparse orange hairs. Coated in a dusting of oversized chunky crystal trichomes. The Versace Cannabis high is both uplifting and calming, first lifting you up before gently settling you down into blissful relaxation. You’ll feel the cerebral effects first, launching your psyche into pure happiness while your body slowly starts to settle into a numbing body high.


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