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Buy Stiiizy Vape Pen Cartridge

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$ 37.00


Buy Stiiizy Vape Pen Cartridge

Buy Stiiizy Vape Pen Cartridge Online. The best of the best. A top-of-the-line cartridge with high potency and bigger hits. Super easy to use with no leaks or burns! Available in Half-Gram and Full-Gram sizes.

This cartridge is ONLY compatible with Stiiizy batteries so be sure to also purchase a Stiiizy battery if you don’t have one all ready. Flavors may vary. Crafted through a solvent-free distillation process using only top-shelf concentrates resulting in the purest un-cut distillates.

Buy Stiiizy Vape Pens CartridgeUse order note box at check for your strains.

Grand Daddy Purp
Pineapple Express

Strawberry Cough
Sour Tangie
Blue Dream

Skywalker OG

Lab-Tested Stiiizy Vape Pen Cartridge Online. Cannabis Derived Terpenes,No PG/PEG/VG, MCTs, Cuts or Fillers OR Solvents

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1 review for Buy Stiiizy Vape Pen Cartridge

  1. Cody11

    I love it. The cartridge lasted forever, as 1 or 2 hits left me happy and content for 4 to 6 hour periods. Easy on overdoing it though, as you’ll be glued to your couch or even a bit paranoid.

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