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Buy JustDab Xtracts Nugrun Shatter

$ 75.00


Buy JustDab Xtracts Nugrun Shatter

Buy JustDab Xtracts Nugrun Shatter Online .Just Dab is the gold standard for THC extraction, preserves each strain’s unique Terpene flavor profile, unlike CO2.

Comes in 6 strains. Please use the order note box at check out page to specify your strain;

Buy JustDab Xtracts Nugrun Shatter24k Tangie : 82.08% THC
Gummy Bear OG: 82.08% THC
Deadstar OG: 82.08% THC
Trueberry : 80.24% THC
Versace OG: 80.84% THC
Critical Jack: 81.75% THC

Justdab Xtracts Indoor Nugrun shatter Concentrates offer a whole-bud alternative to highly-proces trim distillate products.

Extremely stable yet terpy shatters goes through an extraction process in a lab grade facility. A premium whole-nugs of Cannabis (nugrun) which retains THC, CBD and plant terpenes in their natural ratios.

Justdab’s Nugrun Shatters and Cake Batters are made from whole buds (no trim or clippings ever) and cultivated in their own pristine, well-managed and pesticide free indoor gardens.


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