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Buy Gold Ratio CBD THC Vape Cartridge

$ 55.00


Gold Ratio CBD THC Vape Cartridge

Gold Ratio CBD THC Vape Cartridge (500mg – 1 strain) online. TetraLabs Gold Ratio vaporizer cartridges offer clinically precise, dependable, and repeatable CBD-to-THC proportions. Every time you use them and any place you buy them.

TetraLabs also makes THC-only cartridges as well as CBD-only cartridges. So why choose a CBD:THC Gold Ratio cartridge? Answer: many people think that a combination of CBD and THC is more effective for their condition than either CBD or THC alone. Some people feel that even a very small amount of THC releases the full potential of the CBD. Others think that a higher dose of THC has a better effect.


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